Lafange Nawab full movie : Watch Online Full Movie Lafange Nawab Full Movie 2019 The story of Lafange Nawab depicts the father-son’s relationship and the truth of fake friendship. 

Lafange Nawab Full Movie

The story revolves around Yug and his father. His father is a  businessman and always wanted his son to be his successor but Yug has a musical band with his 4-5 friends and they play at small events which his father consider it as trivial. He insists Yug to join his business and leave the band as his friends are not his true one. They are with him till he has money and fame. To teach him a lesson his father plans a fake murder of Ammie who lives at their house. He assures him (Yug) that in the process of cleaning the pistol he accidently murdered Ammie and asked him to dispose the dead body with the help of his friends.

Lafange Nawab Actress Ritam Bhardwaj Says She Would Love To Work With Ranveer Singh

However, she was always fond of acting and her love for the films drove her towards living her passion.

Your reaction when you were approached for Lafange Nawab?

My first reaction was ‘awesome’. I’d given some other audition but I got a call for this. So I just went to see and the next thing I know is I’ve already signed. So it was very quick and I was finding it surreal to believe that it was actually happening.

Tell us about your character in the film?

She and I are quite similar. I play the character whose name is Sia. She is the main lead. Sia has her band, she is pretty modern and loves dressing up. She is best friends with the co-actor and she falls in love with him. We’re very much alike. The difference between us is I’m very loud in real life. I like to express myself and I’m very upfront. But Sia is very soft. She likes to deal with things more softly. She’s very polite.

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